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Summer Vacation With Family

Summer Vacation With Family

So your family has decided to make a family reunion out of that yearly summer beach trip. Uncle Ed and Aunt Edna are coming in from Timbuktue. The cousins are driving in from Eastern Michigan. Your brothers and sisters are planning on traveling in by car with their requisite families. Somehow you have been nominated to coordinate this spectacular event. So where do you start.

Where do you plan to make this spectacular event happen? What type of housing do you plan on? What is the budget for all of the parties involved? What is the date of the event?

While to some these seem very simple in reality they are difficult and often times contentious issues. If Ed and Edna just want to go to the Mexican Riveria, that may make it difficult for those that are less well off to attend this event. A compromise must be reached. As you are the organizer this is your primary job. You should elicit suggestions from all the primary parties involved on the location. Then make a decision and inform everyone where you will be having the event. No negotiations at this point. You make the decision to have everyone in Hilton Head, SC and do not waver from this decision.

Now that the where geographically is decided it is time to determine the housing type that will be used. Under most circumstances you have several different options available:

Time Share Rental (Typically a 2 or 3 bedroom unit) – Each Family unit will need their own unit. Great for privacy.

Joint Beach House (Can range from 2 bedroom up to 15 bedroom) – Each family unit will have a room. Great for joint living spaces and getting the most out of group synthesis.

Hotel Stay (One family unit per Room) – No food prep. required as all meals will be eaten at restaurants.

Present these different selections and go with the group consensus. Make sure to outline the pluses and minuses of all the different scenarios. Then sit back and let democracy run it’s course. By this time you are more than likely 3-4 weeks into the planning stages.

Now the final decision to be made. What is the budget for the rooms and units. This will limit the exact location. It would be advised to have researched this item slightly when presenting the unit type to the group and possibly utilizing this as a bracketing system for the different types of accommodations. Take everyone’s feelings and concerns into consideration. Just because you are well off doesn’t mean that the cousins are so well off financially. Once everyone has agreed on the budget you should begin working with a local rental company in you choice of location. Describe the situation in detail and let them know that you will be allowing the different family units to book their own accommodations. Never book the accommodations yourself. Doing business with family is highly not advised. You do not want to be mad at Uncle Ed the rest of your life because he stiffed you $1000 deposit on the summer beach rental.

Now that all the necessities are taken care of make sure that everyone is kept up to date utilizing online correspondence. Make sure everyone knows everyone arrival times. Finally relax and enjoy your hard earned vacation. Take some time during the week to spend with your family.